Getting a Girlfriend Back – 7 Deadly Mistakes You’re Making

She dumped you. Maybe you know why. Maybe you don’t. It doesn’t really matter right now. There will be plenty of time to contemplate the relationship later. For now you’re in panic mode. She was the best thing to ever happen to you and now you’re scared you may lose her forever. You can’t let her get away. You have to do something fast to show her how much you care and how much you want her back. Your brain is racing in circles and you’re about to pick up the phone to call her. And if you do, you’re about to commit 7 deadly mistakes that will put your relationship in a casket and bury it 6 feet underground for good.

Take a deep breath. Relax. It’s going to be ok, but you need to understand how your panic was about to destroy any chances you may of had of getting your girlfriend back. Getting a girlfriend back starts the second the breakup occurs and the first few days usually put you in an emotional panic mode. If you fail to handle this stage correctly, it will ruin your chances of winning her back. Here’s 7 deadly ways your panic can prevent you from saving the relationship after a breakup.

1. Tippy toe around the truth – This is the classic “tell her what you think she wants to hear so she’ll take you back” scenario. When you let yourself fall into panic mode, you’ll say just about anything to get her to take you back. Rather than telling her the truth and actually meaning what you say, you’ll have the tendency to just tell her what you think she wants to hear. In the end, this will completely backfire when she figures out you were lying about everything. Don’t do it.

2. Trying to summon the little green monster – When you are experiencing an emotional high during panic mode, the pain and hurt will cause you to want to make your ex girlfriend feel jealous. It can make you want to rush out, go on a date with someone else, and flaunt it in her face. The thought process is, “If she sees me with someone else, she’ll get jealous and want me back.” Unfortunately, what usually happens is it turns into a war of who can make who more jealous and both people just get hurt worse in the end.

3. Pushing her buttons – Rushing into the process of getting your ex girlfriend back when your emotions are running rampant can cause you to say things that will push her buttons. You know your ex better than anyone and you know exactly what to say and do to set her off. Allow yourself to cool off so you don’t end up pushing her to a point where the relationship will be beyond repair.

4. Making your ex girlfriend feel bad – If you plan on getting a girlfriend back, avoid saying things that will make her feel bad. You might be tempted to bring up past mistakes of hers or be tempted to call her hurtful names if you don’t give yourself time and space to get control of your own emotions. This will never turn out good for you in the end.

5. Exhibiting stalking behavior – After a breakup, it can drive you nuts wondering what your girlfriend is doing or who she’s hanging out with. This can lead to you stopping by her residence unexpected, going to the places she hangs out, asking her friends about her, or even driving by her house or apartment late at night to see if someone else’s car is over there. She will be less than impressed when she spots your car going up and down her street. Absolutely avoid this behavior if you want any chance of getting your ex girlfriend back. It’s creepy and could ultimately even get you thrown in jail.

6. Bringing up things from the past – By not giving yourself a cool down period, you are much more likely to try and re-start old arguments because you’ll be tempted to try and defend yourself. It’s much better to let the past be the past. What’s happened already can’t be undone, and you need to be focused on improving yourself and your relationship, not on trying to re-open old wounds and pour salt in them.

7. Seeking revenge – When you’re angry or frustrated, you are much more likely to do things you wouldn’t normally do in an attempt to feel like you paid your ex back for something they did to you. You might destroy things of theirs or go out and sleep with someone just to get back at them for cheating on you. While they may have committed a wrong, two wrongs will never make a right, so never seek revenge against your ex girlfriend no matter how angry you might be at a given moment. Learn to walk away and cool down, so you can both have time and space to get your thoughts processed.

Getting a girlfriend back isn’t possible when you’re experiencing panic mode. By trying to win her back during this time, you’ll ultimately push her away and close the door for good. Take some time off and you’ll be able to think clearly about the things you need to do to get her back.